Solstice Vision 150

Solstice Vision Coverage

Adding Solstice Vision coverage to your dental plan couldn’t be easier. You may purchase our vision coverage as a standalone benefit, or bundle dental and vision together for easy administration.

Solstice offers competitive coverage that allows members access to an extensive network of vision providers for continued visual health. Plans provide coverage for exams, lenses, contact lenses, and even LASIK. When it comes to vision benefits, the difference is clear!

Vision Plan Highlights

Members of the Solstice Vision Plan are eligible to receive benefits immediately upon the effective date of coverage with:

  • No waiting periods
  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms

The member co-payments listed are guaranteed to be a 20-45% discount and are offered by a participating Solstice provider.

Solstice Vision 150 Fee Schedule

In-Network Coverage

Members must enroll in the plan for 12 months Members who terminate will not be allowed re-entry for 12 months from termination date.

(1) Additional discounts not applicable at Walmart or Sam’s Club locations. (2) Collection is available at most participating independent provider offices. Collection is subject to change. Collection is inclusive of select torics and multifocals. (3) Polycarbonate lenses are covered in full for dependent children, monocular patients, and patients with prescriptions +/-6.00 dilopters or greater. (4) Category includes digital free-form progressive lenses.