Solstice HMO 500B

As a National Association For Medical & Dental (NAFMD) member, you and your family members will enjoy the benefits of fully comprehensive dental coverage offered by Solstice Dental Plans. We will work with you to find the plan, and dentist that not only fits your budget, but your family as well. Solstice HMO plan offers set co-pay on over 400 dental procedures, and has an open access network. Unlike traditional HMO plans, you are not assigned to a specific facility that you are required to use. You can go to any dentist you choose in the network.

How does an HMO work?

With your Solstice HMO dentists are contracted to offer benefits specifically for your plan. An open access plan so you are able to choose any dentist from the network, and set co-payments on your procedures helps to maximize your out-of-pocket savings.

Advantages of the Solstice HMO

The Solstice HMO is designed specifically for savings you the most out-of-pocket as possible when you go to the dentist. Most preventative & diagnostic services are no charge, so you only have a co-payment whenever your having a minor/major dental procedure done. This is bar none one of the easiest dental plans to use on the market!

Click below for full schedule of benefits:

Solstice HMO 500B SOB

Average Savings with Solstice HMO 500B:

*As long as the procedures are done by your general dentist and not a specialist. If performed by specialist it will be a 25% discount on all services.