As a National Association For Medical & Dental (NAFMD) member, you and your family
members will enjoy the benefits of fully comprehensive dental coverage offered by Cigna

Dental Plans. We will work with you to find the plan, and dentist that not only fits your
budget, but your family as well. The Cigna PPO plan offers the flexibility to use any dentist,
and has both in & out-of-network benefits. The PPO offers no waiting periods on services,
and everyone is accepted. The plan has a large nationwide network so you will have
coverage anywhere you go with this plan.

How does an PPO work?

With your Cigna PPO dentists are contracted to offer benefits specifically for your plan.
Using an in-network dentist will save you money, and help to utilize your annual dollar cap to
the maximum, allowing the most benefits for your pocket. No worries if you need an
out-of-network dentist you will still have the same great benefits, but may pay a little higher
cost when using an out-of-network provider.

Advantages of the Cigna PPO

● No – Waiting Periods
● No – Limitations on Pre-Existing Conditions
● No – Age LImits (All Seniors Are Eligible)
● No – Cost On Most Diagnostic Services
● No – Cost On Most Preventative Services
● Low Annual Deductible
Plan Features In & Out-Of-Network Benefits, so no matter where you go you know that you
are going to be covered in the best way possible.

Click here to download full schedule of benefits: Cigna Health Care Provider Directory