As a National Association For Medical & Dental (NAFMD) member, you and your family
members will enjoy the benefits of fully comprehensive dental coverage offered by
Cigna Dental Plans. We will work with you to find the plan, and dentist that not only fits
your budget, but your family as well. Cigna HMO offers set copays on over hundreds of
dental procedures, and has a large nationwide dental network. Cigna HMO dental plan
even offers set low copay prices when you visit a participating specialist in the network.

How does an HMO work?

With your Cigna HMO dentists and specialists are contracted to offer benefits
specifically for your plan. You simply choose from the list of dentists from the network,
visit the dentist you chose and the set co-payments are applied on your procedures
automatically to help maximize your out-of-pocket savings.

Advantages of the Cigna K1 HMO?

● No – Waiting Periods
● No – Limitations on Pre-Existing Conditions
● No – Age Limits (All Seniors Are Eligible)
● No – Cost On Most Diagnostic Services
● No – Cost On Most Preventative Services
● No – Annual Dollar Cap Limit
The Cigna HMO is designed specifically for savings you the most out-of-pocket as
possible when you go to the dentist. Most preventive & diagnostic services are no
charge, so you only have a co-payment whenever you’re having a minor/major dental
procedure done. This is bar none one of the easiest dental plans to use on the market!

Click below for full schedule of benefits: Cigna Health Care Provider Directory