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Argus National Schedule Dental Plan

As a National Association For Medical & Dental (NAFMD) member, you and your family members will enjoy the benefits of fully comprehensive dental coverage offered by Argus. We will work with you to find the plan, and dentist that not only fits your budget, but your family as well. Argus National Schedule Dental Plan offers a national fee schedule, no deductibles, no dollar cap limits, age restrictions, or waiting periods. This plan also features in & out-of-network benefits, this means you have the ability to choose any dentist, anywhere, anytime!

How does the fee schedule work?

With your Argus National Schedule Dental Plan you will receive a fee schedule for every procedure that is covered right inside of your welcome kit. The fee schedules listed shows the exact dollar amount that is covered for each and ever procedure included with your plan.

Advantages of the Argus National Schedule Dental Plan

The Argus National Schedule Dental Plan is designed specifically for saving you the most out-of-pocket as possible when you go to the dentist. You also have full freedom & flexibility over choosing where to go to the dentist. Even if they are not in-network, your policy features out-of-network benefits so you are able to see any doctor of your choice.

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Argus National Schedule Dental Plan

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Average Savings with Argus National Schedule Dental Plan:

Avg. Contract Price
Argus Pays
Member Cost
% Savings
Comprehensive Oral Evaluation
X-Rays – Complete Series
Prophylaxis – Routine Cleanings
Fillings (Silver)
Fillings (White)
Simple Extraction
Surgical Extraction
Periodontal Scaling – Deep Cleaning
Root Canal – Anterior (Front)
Root Canal – Bicuspid (Side)
Root Canal – Molar (Back)
Crowns (Porcelain/Ceramic/Metal)
Partial Denture – Per Plate
Full Denture – Per Plate

*In-Network Dentists have contracted pricing for their procedures. Out of network dentists do not have to abide by the contracted prices